Tips For Caring For Your Favorite Pairs Of Underwear

Having clean and well-maintained underwear can be essential for your comfort. However, many people will find that they are not fully aware of the various ways that they can maintain their underwear without contributing to excessive wear and tear to these garments. In order to help you with caring for your underwear, you should make sure that you are using a few basic tips when you are washing and drying these garments.

Be Mindful Of Using Bleach

It can be a common solution to add a small amount of bleach to the water to remove stains from clothing. However, you will want to avoid using bleach with your underwear. Elastic is an important part of underwear garments as it will ensure that they are securely in place. The bleach can weaken the effectiveness of the elastic by making it brittle. If there are stains that you feel will not be removed without bleach, you should use a stain removal kit. These kits contain a small amount of diluted bleach, and if you avoid getting it on the elastic, you should be able to remove these stains without harming the underwear.

Avoid Using The Dryer

Drying your underwear may not seem like it will be a risky task, but a standard dryer can rapidly degrade underwear. The intense heat from this device can warp the elastic while also contributing to the colors fading. By always allowing the underwear to air dry, you can dry them without exposing them to this type of intense wear and tear. If you are concerned about air drying taking too long, you can place a fan near the underwear as the increased ventilation will help any excess moisture to evaporate.

Turn The Underwear Inside Out Prior To Washing

As you are preparing to put the underwear in the washing machine, you should consider turning the underwear inside out. Most of the stains on your underwear will be on the inside, and turning them inside out will help to remove these stains. Additionally, this can minimize the wear on the exterior of the underwear, which can keep them looking bright and colorful.

Your favorite pairs of underwear are likely some of the most important garments that you own as it can be difficult to find a new pair that is as comfortable as your old ones. Knowing the dangers that bleach and pose, the type of wear and tear that dryers can cause as well as the benefit of turning the underwear inside out will help you to avoid the most common sources of extreme wear and tear. If you want to buy new ones, look for both women's and mens underwear online.